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“Where I create, there I am true.” Rainer Maria Rilke


My name is Elizabeth Rohrbaugh and I’m a life-long artist. Creativity has always been a necessary element in my life and I am most at peace while painting. I create art for my own pleasure and I love to share that with others, so if one of my paintings speaks to you and brings you joy, please contact me.


Through art we can find connections. I would love to paint something just for you.  And if you'd like to learn to paint, please contact me. I would love to teach you. 


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Original art becomes property of Collector. 

Artist retains all reproduction rights unless otherwise agreed upon in writing in advance of purchase.

The artwork below has recently sold. Please contact me if you'd like to commission a piece.  



“My collection of Beth’s works greet me every morning. I searched 4 years waiting to find something worthy of hanging on the walls in our new home.

I’m honored to display Beth’s talents in my home...and looking for more!"                                                                                                           E. StPierre Franer


“Beth was amazing to work with. She took my vision of what I wanted and made it even better than I had imagined. Her work is flawless and very much cherished in my home.”

                L. Bayer

"I own several pieces of artwork from Beth, and their significance in my life cannot be overstated. From personal pieces commissioned for my family to beautiful paintings of flowers that lift my spirits and soul, Beth puts her passion and heart into everything she creates. Each piece tells a story, sometimes one that is so very personal to the observer without the intention of ever being so, but that is what makes her work speak to me. Whether a picture of my granddaughter on the beach or the perfect colors for my niece’s home, she gets it right every time."

                 T. McGoron


"We picked up our painting last week and as soon as we got it home, the opinions started. What we each saw in it. How it made us feel. Observing the colors and textures up close. Moving it around in the light. We love the piece. And like all great art, it spurred discussion. Thanks, Beth, for that!" 

                 S. Erhart


Art is for Everyone

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